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Face Mask - The Beard Shield

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All our masks are washable and reusable. The Beard Shield is Fitted with an Aluminium bridge nose.

This is a fashion product, for our customers who want go out for their essential activities or return to their workplace while having a certain level of protection.

Wear a mask to protect the others and reduce the risk of being infected:

The masks, or any other garment cover, don't protect you 100% from viruses, but they reduce the possibilities of being infected.

Some viruses are airborne through droplets released in atmosphere by an infected individual through cough and breathing or by an asymptomatic individual through the simple breathing.

Infected individuals with symptoms must self-isolate themself, however in the early hours of the infection they may not be aware of their condition.

That's why is so important for everyone to wear a mask. Your mask will contain a large portion of the droplets particles emitted, reducing the possibilities that another healthy individual will be infected. If an healthy individual wear a mask, the possibilities of being infected are even less, because the mask will act as a barrier against the remaining droplets in the atmosphere.

Wearing a mask, like our products, reduces the possibilities of infecting others and of reduces the possibilities of being infected.

Our masks are fitted with an aluminium strip to bridge the nose and eliminate the air gap.

The Beard Shield Masks are made of 3 layers of fabric non woven & cotton in 1 size.

Our face masks are washable and reusable. Shipping in 1 or 2 working days.

This is NOT a PPE product. This product is NOT for medical or surgical use.