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Face Mask - 3 Leyers - Print design

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All our masks are washable and reusable. Fitted with a replaceable Aluminium bridge nose and ear adjusters.

This is a fashion product, for our customers who want to go out for their essential activities or return to their workplace while having a certain level of protection, made with fashion print design to match with your loved outfit.

Our masks are fitted with an aluminium strip to bridge the nose and eliminate the air gap. There is an opening in the proximity of the aluminium strip, which allows the removal of the strip in case of replacement or removal to wash the mask.

Our masks are made in 3 layers of Cotton fabric & non-woven, are made in 3 measures, the loop elastics come with the ear adjuster for a better fit.


Measure the distance from nose to chin to identify your size:

from 5 to 7cm

the size is Small.

The Mask is 19cm large

from 7 to 9cm

the size is Medium.

The Mask is 20cm large

from 9 to 12cm

the size is Large.

The Mask is 21cm large

Measurements are rough estimates, they might vary depending on the material.

For extra filtration, the mask has a special pocket where you can insert a single-use filter 2.5 PM, sold separately. The filters (optional) are made of 5 layers including active carbon protection.

Our face masks are washable in the washing machines 30', cotton colour program and reusable like one of your favorite garments, make sure to have it a lot of colours!!

 Delivery in 1 or 2 working days by 1st class Royal Mail or other Couriers.

This is NOT a PPE product. This product is NOT for medical or surgical use.